Published: Fri, July 19, 2019

It Chapter Two unleashes terrifying new trailer

It Chapter Two unleashes terrifying new trailer

The sequel to the 2017 smash hit horror film sees The Losers Club return to the town of Derry as adults to once more do battle with Mr. Mistoffelees I mean Pennywise the Clown. The farther away, the hazier it all gets.

The character of Pennywise the clown is a form of It - which is the shapeshifting monster that feeds off the fear of children; he lives in the sewer system in Derry, Maine and preys on children approximately every 27 years. But me? I never left. We also get a few looks at the monstrous clown as he goes after the adults who nearly killed him 27 years earlier, and he doesn't seem to be holding back in claiming new victims. Director Andy Muschietti returns and he assembled a top-notch ensemble that consists of James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom, James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak, Andy Bean as Stanley Uris, Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon, and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise/It.

"For 27 years, I've dreamt of you".

Chastain recalled doing a scene with blood. She wasn't supposed to get any on her face, but she protested and said: "No, let's make it Carrie on steroids". Later, "freezing and very uncomfortable" in a kiddie pool covered with the fake blood, she may have regretted her choice. Bill Hader said that acting "scared" can be very hard for him because his natural reaction when frightened is to smile, which doesn't "sell" horror as well.

He continued: "He's a super nice guy, but then when they say 'action, ' it's like a whole other being".

"It's like he was born to play Pennywise", Hader added.

We'll no doubt be dissecting the latest trailer for IT: Chapter Two in the days to come, but we wanted to put this in front of your eyes as soon as possible.

Watch the full trailer below.

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