Published: Mon, August 12, 2019

Boris Johnson criticises European Union lack of cooperation on Brexit deal

Boris Johnson criticises European Union lack of cooperation on Brexit deal

MPs will only return to Parliament after the summer recess on September 3 when there will be less than two months before departure day.

Boris Johnson may meet key European Union leaders, such as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, but not Ireland's Leo Varadkar, ahead of the G7 summit in Biarritz, France at the end of August.

MPs are said to believe the Fixed-Term Parliament Act, which dictates what happens if a prime minister loses the confidence of MPs, gives them an opportunity to mobilise against no deal.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland says there is still time to avoid the "chaos" of a no-deal Brexit despite Boris Johnson calling no deal preparations "the top priority".

Under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, if the Government loses there would be 14 days for Mr Johnson to win another confidence vote or for an alternative Government to be formed.

"With the Prime Minister defining the October 31 deadline as "do or die", and a simple choice between deal or no deal, it looks very hard for MPs who are opposed to no-deal to force a change of approach", said the report cited by Xinhua news agency.

The document was reportedly drawn up after a strategy meeting involving a cross-party group of MPs last week, and is believed to have been discussed with the Labour Party leadership.

REMAINER campaigners have made a list of 40 MPs to pressure into blocking a no-deal Brexit, it has been claimed.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted an offer to meet Irish leader Leo Varadkar to discuss Brexit and the Northern Irish backstop, the Sunday Telegraph said citing United Kingdom government sources. "He is very clear in his determination to want to get a deal. It is something that we can deal with".

"[The prime minister] wants to achieve a deal but if we can not achieve a deal then it needs to be as orderly a Brexit as possible - that is why the work of government at the moment is focused hugely on that effort".

"The new rules should place more trust in institutions, who are best placed to make decisions about the people they need to keep us at the cutting edge", Beth Thompson, head of European Union policy at the Wellcome Trust, a biomedical charity, says in a statement, according to Science.

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