Published: Mon, August 12, 2019
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Players can't use unapproved helmets

Players can't use unapproved helmets

Without mentioning Brown by name, McCarthy stated: "The player can't practice or play in games with equipment that's not approved. They don't certify equipment that's old than 10 years".

According to a report from The Athletic, which cited a source with knowledge of Friday's hearing, the Raiders wide receiver said "he would hold the league liable" if he were to suffer a head injury while playing in the league-mandated helmets. "And the helmet thing is a personal matter to him...and we're supporting him", Gruden said on Saturday night.

The NFL warned on Monday that Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown must wear a league-certified helmet or risk breaching his contract for the 2019 - and forfeiting paychecks in the process.

As per various reports, Brown filed a grievance to continue using the helmet he wore his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NFL does not allow players to wear helmets that are not certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

It's perhaps understandable that Brown preferred this helmet for its lightweight functionality rather than its safety, but it's just hard from the outside how he could make any type of legal case for it if he did wind up getting hurt with a new NFL-approved helmet.

The Raiders' wideout, who's dealing with a "frostbite" foot issue reportedly caused by cryotherapy, has reportedly threatened to never play football again due to the NFL's new helmet rule. "I hated to put it on the shelf", he said on the radio program.

Antonio Brown's tenure with the Oakland Raiders couldn't have gotten off to a rockier start.

"You get used to the same helmet for a long period of time". Expect Brown to be on the field sooner rather than later now that the league has given him this ultimatum.

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