Published: Mon, August 12, 2019
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Samsung Announces 108MP Camera Sensor for Smartphones in Collaboration With Xiaomi

Samsung Announces 108MP Camera Sensor for Smartphones in Collaboration With Xiaomi

Both the companies had earlier teamed up for a new 64-megapixel smartphone that will use Samsung's 64-megapixel ISOCELL GW1 sensor. The new sensor, made in collaboration with Xiaomi boasts of a mouth-watering 108MP camera sensor.

Samsung handsets have rarely been the best camera phones, but numerous cameras that other brands use come from Samsung, and the company has just unveiled another sensor - one with an enormous megapixel count.

The best is yet to be seen when it comes to mobile photography.

Samsung has officially launched its 108 MP image sensor called ISOCELL Bright HMX today.

Samsung's latest smartphones have been criticized for inferior low-light performance compared to the Huawei P30 Pro and other models that use Sony chips.

Samsung says mass production of the ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor begins later this month. The technology can also help minis noise while improving colour accuracy.

Samsung's Smart-ISO mechanism will automatically select lower ISOs in brighter light, and high ISOs in dim shooting situations. "We are very pleased that picture resolutions previously available only in a few top-tier DSLR cameras can now be designed into smartphones", said Lin Bin, co-founder and president of Xiaomi. Sharper results can be delivered through Super PD, a high-performance phase detection auto-focus technology, and full HD recording at 480 frames-per-second (fps) is supported for smooth cinematic slow-motion videos. "As we continue our partnership, we anticipate bringing not only new mobile camera experiences but also a platform through which our users can create unique content".

The 1/1.7-inch Isocell Bright GW1 sensor is one of the largest on the market, clocking in at around 34% bigger than the 48MP cameras seen on most flagship phones. Xiaomi will the first manufacturer to use this sensor on their device that should be unveiled soon.

Samsungs Executive Vice President of sensor business - Yongin Park said that Samsung is continuously pushing for innovation in pixel and log technologies to engineer their ISOCELL image sensor.

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