Published: Wed, August 14, 2019
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Fingerprint Unlock Comes to WhatsApp Beta for Android

Fingerprint Unlock Comes to WhatsApp Beta for Android

On the same day that we got to know that Google is enhancing the security experience on Android by allowing users to log in using their set local biometric credentials like fingerprints, version 2.19.221 of WhatsApp also started rolling out to those who've registered to beta-test Facebook's popular messaging app.

WhatsApp Beta for Android is now receiving a new update with version number- 2.19.3.

You can download WhatsApp beta on the Google Play store.

WhatsApp can soon be unlocked with the fingerprint scanner on Android devices. Keep in mind though that you will still be able to reply to messages directly from notifications, as well as answer WhatsApp calls since the app will only ask you for authentication when you want to open WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has rolled out a beta programme for Android users a couple of years ago.

The WhatsApp beta version v2.19.221 already has fingerprint unlock features, so we expect it to roll out to devices once the feature is properly tested and included in the app refresh. Previously known as Authentication or Screen Lock, the new feature can be enabled from the Settings menu under the Account / Privacy tabs.

Before uninstalling the app from the smartphone make sure you take a backup of your chat history. Once you enable it, you will need to touch the fingerprint sensor every time you wish to unlock WhatsApp. There are three options for "automatically lock" to choose from - immediately, after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes.

You can also choose how long the app should stay unlocked once you open it.

WABetaInfo spotted this feature first, and says, "I can say that it's safe for your privacy to enable the Fingerprint lock feature because WhatsApp, as any other app, cannot access to your fingerprint data: the authentication process is managed by the Android system: WhatsApp uses official Android APIs, so no information is sent to WhatsApp/Facebook Server".

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