Published: Wed, August 14, 2019

Upcoming Smart TV from OnePlus Will Be Called OnePlus TV, Company Confirms

Upcoming Smart TV from OnePlus Will Be Called OnePlus TV, Company Confirms

With the name of OnePlus Smart TV coming out, we might have to wait a little more to see the first TV from the company.

OnePlus' rival Honor launched its VISION smart TV with a pop-up camera last week at Huawei's developer conference. The company is calling it the 'first step to explore the endless possibilities in a broader spectrum'.

Ahead of the official launch, OnePlus TV has made numerous unofficial appearances on the web. OnePlus TV is expected to revamp the experience of TVs in our homes and OnePlus might be doing it with the software.

For the logo design, OnePlus didn't make any major changes from what we have seen in the branding of its smartphones. Right now, OnePlus did not reveal any features of its upcoming TV, besides the logo and naming.

The company claims it was inspired by classical art forms like the ancient Hindu mandala symbol as well as the Heraion of Argos ancient Greek temple. And now that they have revealed the name as "OnePlus TV", the company will keep its promise to award the winners.

The Chinese company teased about the television a year ago in September. A OnePlus remote control was recently spotted on Bluetooth SIG website. Rumours suggest that the OnePlus TV will be launched in the last week of September- possibly on September 26, and there will be multiple models from the manufacturer.

The much-anticipated product from the flagship killer brand, OnePlus, which is its first TV, gets its moniker. As per the certification listing, OnePlus will unveil televisions in 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes.

The project to develop the OnePlus TV was announced back in September past year.

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