Published: Mon, August 19, 2019

WWE Pitching NXT To Air On USA Network Against AEW

WWE Pitching NXT To Air On USA Network Against AEW

Meltzer reported that Triple H has been dropping hints about the move. It is unknown whether it will air live or move from its home at Full Sail University.

It's also being reported that some people in WWE believe that NXT on US is a done deal, and it's only a matter of time before it's announced, while others are saying that a deal is not close to done. Many feel that this cryptic Tweet is in response to the WWE and NXT. In fact, many professional wrestling fans and journalists prefer NXT the weekly WWE product.

All eyes in the wrestling industry are focused on October 4 and All Elite Wrestling's debut on the TNT Network. The company has already seen massive, perhaps unprecedented, success with hardcore fans in selling out arenas for PPVs and TV tapings. There has also been talks of starting the show live on 10/2 head to head with AEW.

WWE moving NXT off its network and to a cable competitor is both a shrewd business decision and a clear move to thwart the upstart AEW. This is an even bigger deal than if they would have moved to Fox Sports 1 because U.S. is available in more homes. Fox, which recently lost UFC rights to ESPN, is looking to fill many of those gaps with WWE programming.

U.S. is clearly a step up from FS1 in terms of visibility, but there is risk for WWE in going the higher-profile route.

"I guess who will benefit the most from this will be the hardcore NXT fans, but then again if they're changing everything then I guess I should take that back, because it won't be the same NXT". That certainly remains to be seen.

While the Street Profits have been appearing on Monday Night Raw in backstage segments for quite some time now, it appears that the duo still aren't considered "main roster" stars.

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