Published: Tue, August 20, 2019

Death Stranding Gamescom gameplay trailer featured Geoff Keighley

While the story information we got was still vague, we're slowly getting more details about the way it plays.

Death Stranding is almost here - on PlayStation 4, at least - and now it's finally time to see what gameplay looks like.

The Gamescom gameplay trailer for the PS4-exclusive featured just a sliver of gameplay. Billed as a tease for what will be shown at Tokyo Game Show this year, we first get to see the pee mechanic. The Bridge Baby, it is explained by Deadman, is a bridge between the real world and the world of the dead. We see her cradling an invisible baby, who she refers to as her daughter.

Margaret Qualley character spotlight video, Mama. She seems to have adopted one of the scary ghost baby things, or BTs as they are known the game, and is breastfeeding it.

Another trailer included the Bridge Baby and the Deadman, played by Guillermo Del Toro. It's connected to the world of the dead, which helps strengthen the connection between BB and Sam.

Keighley's appearance is more of a love letter to Keighley himself, playing a small role as someone called Ludens Fan. The connection between the BB Pods and their mother weakens over time, and according to Dead Man, they have to sync with the brain dead body of their "stillmothers" located in the capital. We see the tags on Sam's neck are used to activate the "Chiral Network", which seems to connect points throughout the United States. Norman also won't whip it out in front of other NPCs, apparently.

Death Stranding had several more gameplay clips and cinematics revealed to close out Gamescom Opening Night Live. Sam then leaves and falls off a cliff, causing his BB to cry. The pee makes a mushroom grow, and Kojima says that if many players pee in the same place, something good will happen.

Also joining the cast of characters in Death Stranding is Canadian video game journalist and television presenter Geoff Keighley, voiced by Matthew Mercer.

Death Stranding is poised to launch on November 8.

On top of how to care for your pod baby and some impressive-looking urinating gameplay - the preview also gave us an idea of what part of a mission could look like Death Stranding, Geoff included.

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