Published: Sun, August 25, 2019
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Fans Injured After Lightning Strikes at Tour Championship

Fans Injured After Lightning Strikes at Tour Championship

Six fans were injured on Saturday when a bolt of lightning struck the grounds at the Tour Championship.

At least six people are injured after two lightning strikes hit at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta during the PGA Tour Championship, according to PGA Tour officials.

The third round of the season-ending PGA Tour event had been suspended for about 30 minutes because of storms in the area, and fans were instructed to seek shelter. "We understand they're not life-threatening injuries".

The moment the lightning hit the tree was captured on camera from afar, and even in the still images of the strike. you can see sparks, if not outright fire, emitting from the tree.

The strikes made contact with a tree near the 15th green/16th tee, and debris from that tree caused injuries to four people. "I think if we did that every time we had a possibility of thunderstorms in the Southeast, we'd do that basically every time we played golf".

Third-round play was suspended for the day and the round will resume Sunday at 8 a.m. Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka were in the day's final group and were on the sixth hole when play was halted.

Mintz tweeted, "This incident is always a fear of mine where you have 40,000 fans spread across a golf course, with no shelters, and not enough buses to transport fans to their vehicles".

The Tour added: "The safety of our fans, players and partners is of the utmost importance", but eyebrows were raised at the insistence of standard late afternoon play for the tournament leaders with storms featuring heavily in weather forecasts. He said they were taken to hospitals for further treatment, all of them alert, conscious and breathing. "They had no where to go", and that "Unfortunately, when it rains people stand under trees too, and that is the worst place to be".

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