Published: Tue, September 10, 2019

Apple Launches Beta of Apple Music for the Web

Apple Launches Beta of Apple Music for the Web

The interface is very similar to Apple's new separate music application, which the company launches with MacOS Catalina later this year, except that it runs in a web browser.

At launch, the service includes many core features, like searching and playing songs from the Apple Music catalog, searching and playing songs from your library (if Sync Library is enabled), accessing your playlists and more. The web version is now in beta and available to everyone across the world.

Earlier in the year, Apple Music overtook Spotify's paid subscribers in the United States, but just last month, Spotify announced it had hit 110 million paid subscribers worldwide, more than Apple's at its last count. You do need to be already signed up, as at the current time, Apple doesn't offer the ability to sign up for the service via the website.

By going online, Apple Music will now be accessible for many more people who weren't able to install the iTunes or Apple Music apps.

The iTunes Music store, however, will still exist, albeit in a sidebar in the Apple Music app.

The web player still has some tweaking but for now listeners can be happy they don't have to open up a clunky iTunes to get streaming on their computers. As of now, the public beta does not offer users to access music videos and smart playlists.

If you want to treat this new web player as an app, it can be installed as a Progressive Web App from Edge on Windows 10.

While it's got nearly everything you need right now to listen to your music, Apple has told TechCrunch that it plans to "roll out more features over time as the service is further developed" and that it will be looking for feedback from customers to help it "streamline features and squash any bugs". On the left-hand panel, you will find the "For You" recommendations, the Browse feature, and Radio.

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