Published: Tue, September 10, 2019

Britain's Corbyn to accuse Johnson of hijacking Brexit Other News 02:00

Britain's Corbyn to accuse Johnson of hijacking Brexit Other News 02:00

Corbyn outlined a classic left-wing Labour pitch at the Trade Union Congress (TUC), reiterating his plan to nationalise Britain's rail network and utility companies, give workers seats on company boards and protect tenants against exploitative landlords.

"There are plenty of Labour MPs who know they can not stand again with Jeremy Corbyn as their leader saying vote for him, make him Prime Minister because they don't believe it".

He said: "We want to establish a principle of a national education service and invest particularly in early years education".

The bill - which requires Johnson to request an extension to the current Brexit deadline of 31 October if a withdrawal agreement hasn't been reached by 19 October - is expected to receive royal assent and become law today. When we get into the next election I believe we will have a majority.

'We know who you are Boris Johnson.

Howard Beckett, the assistant basic secretary of Unite, mentioned he was sick of listening to about Brexit and that the precedence was getting Labour in energy to push the agenda on staff' rights.

"#Remain is total travesty of democracy, total hypocrisy".

Chancellor Sajid Javid refused to rule out a future partnership between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party.

MPs on Wednesday rejected a motion tabled by Johnson calling for a general election on October 15, dealing a blow to the prime minister's Brexit strategy.

The pact would mean the Brexit Party would withdraw its candidates in areas of the country where Tory MPs are challenge from Labour or Lib Dems MP so the Leave vote would not be split.

"It is being forced on us because Parliament is trying to kneecap these negotiations". It's about hijacking the referendum result to shift even more power and wealth to those at the top.

Mr Farage claims his deal would enable the government to have a majority of more than 100.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme Mr Mann said "vast numbers of Labour voters are in danger of walking away" if the party positions itself as supporting remaining in the European Union in any upcoming General Election.

The leader of the Labour party has told supporters he is "utterly determined" to win Norwich North after making it a key election target.

Mr Corbyn was visiting the city area for the first time since October 2018, when he spoke against closures of children's centres; a topic he again addressed, saying he would "absolutely" want to invest more money in them.

"I have told him to resign for the good of the country and for the good of the Labour Party", he said, adding that "when Corbyn goes the problem doesn't go with Corbyn, but his failure to lead is the big problem - as is the problem of antisemitism on the left".

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