Published: Tue, September 10, 2019
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The Patriots Have Reportedly Updated Antonio Brown’s Contract

The Patriots Have Reportedly Updated Antonio Brown’s Contract

"Caught me off-guard".

New England trounced the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night - that other team in this freaky love triangle (or love rectangle, perhaps, as Brown is his own component). Any explanation why the team is unrecognizable when they play at New England?

"I think it's the classic case of temptation of talent outweighing character issues", Raiders legend and Hall of Famer Howie Long said on FOX NFL Sunday. "You have great players who are sharing the burden of a tough football season". I think like anything else, whether it was Josh [Gordon] last year or Phillip [Dorsett] when he got here a few years ago late and this year Antonio, it's how much can you learn and process and get in here. So, the point is we've got a lot of players that are talented and we've just got to figure out how to make it all work.

Coincidence or just good fortune?

"He can do everything", Harmon said. Steelers receiver Ryan Switzer runs a whip route out of a stacked alignment, a challenging route to defend because there's no jam at the line of scrimmage. They didn't want to discuss how much they missed him drawing double teams (Smith-Schuster struggled to get open in single coverage against Stephon Gilmore) or catching passes on third downs (they converted only 3 of 12).

"We have spent a lot of time together", Gordon said when asked if his chemistry with Brady is really coming together. He can definitely stretch the field and we've seen him make those big plays before. "The more playmakers you have, the more dynamic we can be".

Talent, though, isn't the hurdle for Brown.

There's no doubt Antonio Brown understood the Patriots would be his next landing spot if the Raiders released him, which of course, they ultimately did. "We just played well across the board - on offense, defense and special teams - and just made plays in all three phases of the game", he said. He's managed to wind up with the one team that doesn't need his talent enough for him to act like he's the only guy who matters. But it will be moot if Brady and the offense keep having games in which each of their touchdowns come from 20 or more yards. That's the culture here. You come in, you have a great attitude about it, you just do your job. "I know how hard of a worker he is". "It's great to have him out there. We feel like he'll fit in".

Now, football fans will brace themselves for the next act of a truly freakish and sometimes unsavory saga, one which saw Brown sow chaos all around himself - seemingly just because he could - and still end up on the roster of perhaps the finest team in the National Football League. The questions are about his behavior off the field; he's a ruthless and dedicated competitior on it. Rosenhaus said on ESPN that he'd spoken with Brown about the necessity of fitting in with the Patriots.

Pittsburgh had a full offseason to prepare for the New England Patriots, yet they looked like they didn't have a clue what they were doing.

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