Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
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Apple officially releasing iOS 13 on Thursday, September 19

Apple officially releasing iOS 13 on Thursday, September 19

With the arrival of iOS 13 and Android 10, Facebook is preemptively warning users that location settings are about to change and it's surely just trying to help you out. Users will then have the choice to select either'always allow' or'let once' for finding sharing with the third party program.

Android 10 gives users more insight into what apps can access their smartphone's exact location. Facebook still believes its platform can only shine if users give it access to their location, but this looks more like an attempt to show some transparency before the public learns about how much it's being tracked even when not directly using the app.

To Facebook's credit, it will use the most restrictive settings a user implements, whether it's in the Facebook app or in their mobile OS.

iOS 13 also includes a number of new privacy-focused tools, including Sign in with Apple, a feature that will let you sign into apps and websites using your Apple ID. It is also being perceived as a clarification on Facebook's part about how it uses user location data.

"You're in control of who sees your location on Facebook".

Other features like Find Wi-Fi and Nearby Friends utilise your precise Global Positioning System location, regardless of whether you're now using the app.

"For example, if your device location setting is set to "all of the time", but your Facebook background location setting is off, we won't collect your precise location information when you're not using the Facebook app", Facebook explains.

Facebook has received an onslaught of flack earlier over privacy related issues and is still under scanner when it comes to user-privacy.

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