Published: Wed, September 11, 2019

South African President Condemns Violence against Migrants

South African President Condemns Violence against Migrants

While the mobile phone operator has a presence in 17 countries across the continent, attacks on its businesses in response to the xenophobic violence in South Africa have been limited to Nigeria.

South African Minister of Social Development Susan Shabangu told the BBC the rioters and those involved in the attacks were fearful of losing their jobs to foreigners.

Lulu Xingwana disclosed that she is not in any way perturbed about the decision of some people to not travel to South Africa for economic or tourism purposes insisting that the effect will be felt across the continent not only in her country of origin.

"South Africa and Nigeria should agree a mutual legal assistance cooperation scheme for tackling cases of crimes occurring among their citizens".

The Nigerian demonstrations forced South Africa's consular offices in Lagos to close.

As a result, Shuter said that, despite operating under a South African brand, these Nigerian businesses were now suffering owing to retaliatory protest action.

He also dispelled alleged misconceptions that Nigerian president Muhammad Buhari's upcoming visit to South Africa was brought on by the xenophobic attacks against foreigners.

The group said the march was "to show displeasure to the South African government for the horrific conduct exhibited by their citizens and complacent approach their government has taken".

The lawmaker, representing Ifako Ijaiye Constituency 1, said besides the fact that Africans need to be one, Nigeria has been of a great help to the South Africans, all along history.

THE Nigerian government has dismissed as fake news the online reports suggesting a bomb explosion at the South African High Commission in Abuja.

South Africans have disrupted a speech in Johannesburg by a veteran politician who was trying to quell tensions following a recent wave of deadly riots and xenophobic attacks.

"They are killing other nationals as well; I think it is lack of knowledge, because they are not well educated about Nigeria's in securing their freedom". Imagine what will happen if these countries choose to boycott even our products that we export to them?

The announcement came days after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, had a similar meeting with the committee.

The South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation hasn't been notified of the evacuation plans, spokesman Clayson Monyela said by phone from Pretoria. "I am not anxious because there are too many people going to South Africa".

"If they have to sanction the South African Government till the xenophobic attacks stop, they should do it".

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