Published: Wed, September 11, 2019

Thousands of Canadians in the Dark after Passage of Hurricane Dorian

Thousands of Canadians in the Dark after Passage of Hurricane Dorian

For about 10 days, Hurricane Dorian has been making headlines in the news and it continues to cause damage. "Make sure you make that concern known to the CRTC".

The prime minister said the federal government has closely monitored the storm's impact throughout the region.

However, the post-tropical storm has left behind a massive amount of damage to fix. "I know that lots of folks had damage to their cars and their houses".

Various wireless providers have confirmed they dispatched crews to fix damaged cell towers, but company officials have also reminded users that most cellphone towers have limited backup electricity, leaving them vulnerable to failure during extended power outages.

According to the Weather Network, even hours before the storm made landfall, 100 km/h winds could be felt.

In addition to Nova Scotia, the storm made significant impact on Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick as it blew through with winds up to 90 miles per hour.

Four days after powerful storm Dorian blasted through the Maritimes, tens of thousands of homes and businesses are still without power.

As well, about 4,500 outages across Nova Scotia represent individual customers, which means one fix will bring electricity back to only one customer.

On Monday morning, three of the Canadian Army's light armoured vehicles were dispatched to a neighbourhood on the east side of Halifax harbour, where Lt. Gabriel Picard was tasked with removing a large maple tree blocking a residential street.

He said he understands the frustration of those still waiting for power to be restored.

"Our next objective is to really spread throughout Nova Scotia to help out the entirety of the province", he said. She said that even with the help of utility crews from Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Florida and ME, it would likely be Wednesday before the lights are back on in all areas of the province.

In Halifax, experts were brought in to see how a crane that toppled at the height of the storm could be taken down safely.

Crews are continuing to chainsaw through trees and fix downed power lines across Nova Scotia in the aftermath of powerful storm Dorian, amid widespread outages and closures, including all public schools.

Nova Scotia Power reported early Monday morning that almost 200,000 of its customers were still waiting to be reconnected, while thousands more in the other Atlantic provinces faced a similar fate. No one was injured, but the Nova Scotia Labour Department is conducting an investigation, and a stop work order has been issued.

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