Published: Wed, September 11, 2019

Trump administration considers flavored e-cig ban

Trump administration considers flavored e-cig ban

US public health officials are investigating 450 cases of vaping-related lung illness across 33 states and one USA territory.

"She's got a son", Trump said.

MI became the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes earlier this month, while San Francisco in June took a step to curb teen vaping addiction by banning the sales of the devices.

US First Lady Melania Trump this week tweeted that she was "deeply concerned about the growing epidemic of e-cigarette use in our children".

San Francisco also placed a ban on e-cigarettes, becoming the first city to do so while MI recently became the first state to prohibit the sales of the majority of vaping products.

Azar said HHS intends to remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the market in upcoming months.


The decision comes amid outcry over the increase in teen vaping. Nicotine, the main active chemical in both cigarettes and vape oils, is most strongly addictive in younger people. The severity of the cases vary, but six people have died.

The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not yet concluded which specific vaping products might cause it.

E-cigarettes do have the potential to help adult and non-pregnant women quit smoking, but they are not safe for youth, young adults, pregnant women or adults who do not now use tobacco products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Public health officials in Idaho have confirmed that two people in the state have developed a serious lung disease linked to vaping. According to preliminary findings from the National Youth Tobacco Survey, more than a quarter of high school students were current e-cig users in 2019, and the majority of youth e-cig users prefer fruit and mint flavored products. But there is little evidence that e-cigarettes are effective for helping smokers quit.

Azar said it will be several weeks before his department releases its proposal to crack down on flavored e-cigarettes.

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