Published: Thu, September 12, 2019

Brexit: Nigel Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10

Brexit: Nigel Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10

Corbyn has previously said that Labour is prioritising a general election and would make the commitment to a referendum with leave and remain options in its manifesto.

British newspaper The Guardian reports the rejection and put-down by the unnamed "senior Tory source", who said of the Brexit leader and Leave.EU's millionaire donor: "Neither Nigel Farage nor Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near government".

But the chessboard has several dimensions: Johnson must factor the absence of any majority in parliament and the electoral threat from the Brexit Party of Nigel Farage, which increases if Brexit is delayed beyond Oct 31.

While parliament has so far blocked two of Mr Johnson's requests for an election, Mr Farage said it was clear that there would be one soon and that traditional party loyalties to Conservative and Labour had changed due to Brexit.

Mr Watson claimed a public vote on Brexit was the only way to break the deadlock gripping Parliament as an election might fail to solve the "chaos". In return, he would let pro-Brexit Conservatives run unopposed, boosting their chances of being elected.

That puts him on a collision course with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has made clear his priority is for an election once Parliament has closed off a no-deal Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has flatly rejected a proposal by his deputy, Tom Watson, for Labour to become an unequivocally pro-remain party.

"The next Labour government will bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers that our country has ever seen".

But 46% agreed they are "fearful" of the consequences of a no-deal Brexit while 33% disagreed and 21% answered "don't know".

Labour's Brexit policy has shifted significantly over the past 12 months, in a series of incremental steps from last year's annual conference, when the shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, brokered a carefully worded composite motion, putting forward a referendum as one option.

'No one can trust the word of a prime minister who is threatening to break the law to force through no-deal, ' Corbyn stressed, after recalling that an exit from the European Union on bad terms would result in job losses, trigger food price increases and cause a shortage of medicines in the UK.

"And I can tell you this: We're ready for that election".

"Just as we worked throughout the summer to pass a law preventing no deal, so we will work each and every day we are shut down to enforce that law".

On Thursday the Conservative party suffered another hit, after Johnson´s brother Jo Johnson, resigned his position as a minister and member of the Conservative Party.

He used the parliamentary device of a humble address to the Queen to ask for the documents to be put before the Commons by ministers by no later than 11pm on Wednesday.

'We see this right through Government, right through the judiciary'.

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