Published: Thu, September 12, 2019
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Kansas officials report sixth death linked to vaping lung condition

Kansas officials report sixth death linked to vaping lung condition

A 50-year-old Kansas woman died Tuesday of potentially vaping-related severe respiratory disease, becoming the sixth instance in the U.S.

Farah Ahmed, the patient had a history of underlying health issues and was hospitalized with symptoms that progressed rapidly.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment secretary Dr.

Like many users of vaping pens, Constantino picked up the device after quitting cigarette smoking three years ago, and said, 'It's the hardest thing I've ever done'.

Since then, five more people across the country have died from this lung illness related to vaping as of September 10, according to CNN.

She said the reporting will also help the state provide case counts to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they to try to understand the nationwide impact of vaping.

It added that the rapid and worrisome increase has prompted a Congressional hearing on the matter, scheduled for later this month.

The disease is characterized by fever, cough, fatigue and shortness of breath followed by vomiting and all of these patients admitted to vaping THC or nicotine while some had vaped combination of both.

While the federal investigation is ongoing, the CDC is telling people to consider not using any electronic cigarette products - and Choi agrees.

On Friday, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) released a preliminary report detailing pulmonary illness related to e-cigarette use in IL and Wisconsin among 53 case patients.

Vaping has become especially popular among young people.

A survey quoted by the FDA found 80 per cent of young Americans do not see great risk of harm from regular use of e-cigarettes.

No exact cause of the conditions has been confirmed, but some have suggested they are linked to the use of e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine or cannabis.

'Don't put your self in hurt's manner, and please observe the suggestions of public well being officers'.

E-cigarettes have been available in the United States since 2006 and are sometimes used as an aid to quit smoking traditional tobacco products like cigarettes. Because recreational marijuana is not legal in NY, officials suspect that many products are counterfeits of those available in other states. Promptly. If you experience any of the above symptoms seek medical care, or you can also call your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

The Food and Drug Administration is now analysing samples for a wide range of substances and is warning people to "think twice" before buying any vaping cartridges from any unregulated sources.

She has reviewed data so far from 64 patients, including cases published on Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine as well as other reports.

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