Published: Thu, September 12, 2019
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Mike Pompeo: I disagreed with John Bolton 'many times'

Mike Pompeo: I disagreed with John Bolton 'many times'

Ali Rabiei, a government spokesman, said after the meeting that Bolton's dismissal may help the United States have a "less biased" attitude toward Iran. But it also soon clashed with Mr. Trump's desires to withdraw US forces from undesired conflict zones and to persuade foreign nations to take more responsibility for global security, even if it means pressuring allies to pay more for their own defense.

But, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Trump gave a vague hint that detente could be on the way. "We'll see what happens", he said, when asked about easing sanctions on Iran, with a view to meeting Rouhani at the UN General Assembly later this month. He spoke at a cabinet meeting in Tehran.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday left open the possibility the United States could ease sanctions on Iran, adding he believes Iran wants to strike a deal with Washington on its nuclear programme.

Trump, who tweeted that he "disagreed strongly" with many of Bolton's policy suggestions, reportedly clashed with the veteran of the four presidential administrations over the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and Syria.

Trump's decision Tuesday was to fire Bolton.

Trump has said he is willing to meet Rouhani without preconditions, despite having abandoned a 2015 nuclear pact that curbed Iran's atomic energy activities in exchange for major sanctions relief.

On Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin supported a plan to ease sanctions on Iran as a way to restart negotiations, according to Bloomberg.

One Republican insider told The Associated Press that Mr. Bolton's opposition to such a meeting was a precipitating factor in his dismissal.

"Whether the extremist policy of the United States changes or not depends on various factors in U.S. foreign policy", he told ISNA.

Prince Abdullah underscored the importance of a comprehensive global agreement on Iran's nuclear program, ensuring that it should prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons of any sort.

North Korea diplomacy could feel an immediate shift with Mr. Pompeo's rising clout.

Iran has riposted by scaling back its nuclear commitments in response to the USA withdrawal from the deal, which gave it the promise of relief from sanctions in return for curbs on its atomic programme. Where will Bolton's departure cause changes?

On 20 June, Trump authorised - then called off - USA strikes against Iran after Iranian forces shot down a United States drone that Tehran said was flying over Iranian territory. He also reiterated that lifting US sanctions would bring Tehran back to the negotiating table with world powers, but the post to his official website detailing the call with Macron did not elaborate on what might be up for negotiation. The New York Times reported at the time that Bolton favoured the attacks.

Yemen: The Trump administration has reportedly been moving in the direction of talks with the Iran-backed Houthis to end the four-year war. "Except Pompeo. I don't think I've had an argument with Pompeo".

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