Published: Fri, September 13, 2019
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Nintendo unveils Ring Fit Adventure, Ring-Con

Nintendo unveils Ring Fit Adventure, Ring-Con

The main difference with "Ring Fit Adventure" and Nintendo's past fitness products is that "Ring Fit" promises an adventure game with a storyline.

In a seven-minute long video today, we're taken through a demo of Ring Fit Adventure and what kind of content players can expect.

Called the Ring-Con, it is a rubber fitness band that you can place a Joy-Con controller into in order to interact with dedicated game, Ring Fit Adventure.

The video game maker unveiled on Thursday "Ring Fit Adventure", which is sold with a new piece of hardware - a squeezable electronic ring that senses pressure.

Instead of pressing buttons or moving joysticks, the Ring-Con tracks player movement force and range.

So instead of casting a Fire spell or swinging a sword, Ring Fit adventurers inflict damage by flexing the Fit-Con, performing squats, or executing a ideal warrior pose. Conducting an attack on an enemy will require players to perform more than 40 core and yoga exercises.

Away from the progression-oriented adventure, there are other modes that encourage short bursts of activity, better suited to both targeted exercise and social play.

The mini-games are a riot, tasking players with everything from flexing the Fit-Con as many times as possible in 60 seconds, to shaping pottery by performing squats and squeezing the tracker - now's your chance to recreate that scene from Ghost while also getting fit.

Earlier this year, Nintendo launched a "Fitness Boxing" game, also for Switch, where you can wield the Joy-Cons in each hand to control your virtual boxer. Perhaps not exactly how you planned to make people smile, but you did it.

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