Published: Fri, September 13, 2019

Skeletal remains of man missing almost 22 years found in submerged auto

Skeletal remains of man missing almost 22 years found in submerged auto

Police say a resident saw what has now been confirmed to be Moldt's auto on a Google Earth satellite photo and took action immediately.

A missing person investigation was launched by police but the case went cold. William Earl Moldt, 40, was reported missing on November 7, 1997, after he failed to return home from a nightclub in Lantana, Florida.

In August, a resident said he suspected there was a submerged vehicle in a retention pond behind his property, according to deputies.

That person called the current resident on Moon Bay Circle to tell him that there appeared to be a auto behind his home, deputies said in a Facebook post. They sent the remains and the vehicle to the Medical Examiner's Office, which was able to make a positive I.D. on Tuesday.

When officers arrived at the scene, they confirmed a auto was in the pond.

The man then contacted a current resident of Moon Bay Circle to tell them what he had seen.

"Amazingly, [the] vehicle had been plainly visible on a Google Earth satellite photo of the area since 2007, but apparently no one had noticed it until 2019", the Charley Project said in a statement.

The vehicle can be seen clearly in the Google image.

According to the Charley Project, which profiles unsolved missing people cases in the U.S., Grand Isles at Wellington was under construction at the time of Moldt's disappearance.

"You can't determine what happened that many years ago, what transpired", police spokeswoman Therese Barbera said.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, Moldt left a nightclub alone around 11 the night before he was reported missing.

Moldt had called his girlfriend from the bar at around 9:30 say he would be home soon.

Mr Moldt's family has been informed about the discovery of his remains. He did not appear to be intoxicated when he left, though he reportedly had several drinks at the bar.

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