Published: Wed, October 09, 2019
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Google Makes It Easier to Move Music and Video Streams Between Devices

Google Makes It Easier to Move Music and Video Streams Between Devices

Choose whichever device or group you want to transfer your music or podcast to and it should be able to move there.

Bottom line: Google is making it easier to transfer music and videos between compatible streaming devices in your home with a new feature called Stream Transfer.

Google says that you can also now set up a speaker group between two or more smart speakers or displays.

Users can also start watching a YouTube video on their Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max smart display, and then press the cast button to move it to their Chromecast-equipped TV.

For now, it appears that transferring video is only supported by YouTube, but support for more providers should come eventually.

This feature, called Stream Transfer, is available for videos, too.

Move your music with the Google Assistant: Start playing music on the Google Home Mini in your kitchen, and keep the vibe going in the living room. For example, you can say "Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker" and whatever you're listening to on Spotify in your kitchen's smart speaker will then be streamed to whatever compatible device is listed as the "living room speaker" in your Google Home app.

Google began rolling out Stream Transfer to all Chromecast adapters and Google Home and Nest smart speakers and displays Tuesday.

Although this isn't automated based on your location (for now, at least), the update means you can ask the voice assistant to transfer playback from one speaker to another. "Now that thousands and thousands of customers have a number of TVs, good audio system and good shows (some in each room!) we wished to make it straightforward for folks to manage their media as they moved from room to room", Google itself explains in at this time's announcement. The new feature works using voice as well as through the Google Home app and the touchscreen of Google Nest smart displays.

Users now have multiple TVs, smart speakers and smart displays in their home. Especially skilled at processing 4K videos with 30fps / 60 fps /120 fps /240 fps, large-sized videos and high speed videos shot with 120fps/240fps and slow-mo videos.

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