Published: Wed, October 09, 2019
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Pixel 4 Will Let You Invoke Google Assistant by Raising the Phone

Pixel 4 Will Let You Invoke Google Assistant by Raising the Phone

Even as Google has disclosed some key features of the new flagship phone, more new details about Pixel 4 have surfaced online.

While the claimed Canadian pricing certainly doesn't confirm the Pixel 4 will be pricier around the world, it's still an increase worth noting.

Blass posted Canadian launch prices for four different Pixel 4 devices - the 64GB Pixel 4 is the cheapest at CAD $US1,049.95 and Pixel 4 XL 128GB at CAD $US1,359.95.

The Google Pixel 4 is set to be announced on October 15, and we've just gotten a sneak preview of something that's likely to feature in the launch event, as camera samples that Google apparently intends (or intended) to use to promote the upcoming phone's camera capabilities have leaked. Compared with the pricing of last year's Pixel 3 the Pixel 4 comes in slightly more expensive: The 64GB Pixel 4 is $50CAD more expensive, the 128GB $70CAD more, the Pixel 4 XL 64GB also $70CAD more and the Pixel 4 XL 128GB $100CAD more. This means they will be priced around Rs 64,000 and Rs 72,500.

Just when you thought the metaphorical faucet had nothing more to spit out. some pricing dropped. The major bump in price might be due to the inclusion of "Soli" radar chip for air gesture support.

Going by the past leaks and speculation, both the Pixel phones were expected to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with 6GB RAM and dual rear cameras consisting of a 12MP main sensor and a 16MP telephoto lens. So, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users can simply lift the handsets and start interacting with Google Assistant. Pixel 4 may come with 90Hz display and may join the ranks of OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T and Razer Phone 2. It has been stated that if you raise your phone and speak out a question or command right after then Assistant will be invoked to answer. It isn't the first time Google served up a limited launch either, as the legacy Google Assistant first launched in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the US. It may arrive as a part of an update. We will get more information on this on October 15 when the new Pixel handsets will be launched.

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