Published: Wed, October 09, 2019

Queensland is fast-tracking proposed laws that could jail climate protesters

Queensland is fast-tracking proposed laws that could jail climate protesters

"We're here because the government is not doing enough on the climate emergency", protester Lizzy Mansfield said.

Ms Platt went on to accuse the Government of having "deaf ears" over the issue.

One Twitter user wrote: "Approx 9,000 people are forced to sleep rough in London due to homelessness - Extinction Rebellion asking for "ready-to-eat vegan food" categorically *not a href="" target="_blank" *since the protests kicked off on Monday".

Ms Palaszczuk said the government wants to push through proposed laws in just days that could jail protesters for up to two years if they use "dangerous devices" such as drums with concrete and locks.

However, state Police Minister Mark Ryan said there was plenty of anecdotal evidence that protesters were "booby-trapping" devices with wire, metal and glass.

Activists calling for urgent action on climate change are protesting in cities around the world.

Before he was arrested on Tuesday, Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Jesse Noakes said the beginning of Friday's protest would coincide with morning peak hour and he expected commuters to be delayed.

The country's Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said last week that names and photos of Extinction Rebellion protesters should be widely distributed to "shame" them. "You know, we only get one planet, and so we're here to try and defend it".

In Berlin, 300 people blocked Potsdamer Platz, placing couches, tables, chairs and flowerpots on the road.

The activists are also protesting in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney.

"We all share an interest in climate protection, and the Paris climate targets are our standard in this", Helge Braun, the chief of staff for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, told ZDF television. Hundreds were pulled away from the scene and 30 of them were charged.

"We are out of time, there is none left, we have to act now", said a protester called Benjamin.

Other Extinction Rebellion groups subsequently established blockades at 12 sites across Westminster, including Trafalgar Square, the Mall, Horseguards Parade, and Lambeth and Westminster bridges.

In a friendly atmosphere, in the rain, they held a citizen's assembly in the middle of Tuesday morning to discuss the day's activities and the logistical organization of the camp.

Climate change activists protest on Wall St in Lower Manhattan during Extinction Rebellion protests in New York City, October 7, 2019.

And around 1,000 protesters blocked the area around Chatelet in central Paris and vowed to stay at least the night in the makeshift camp they had pitched.

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