Published: Thu, October 10, 2019
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Fans removed from Wizards, 76ers games after Hong Kong statements

Fans removed from Wizards, 76ers games after Hong Kong statements

China's state-run TV has scrapped planned broadcasts of U.S. professional basketball's preseason games in the latest backlash against a general manager's tweet showing support for the protests in Hong Kong.

"But if those are the consequences of us adhering to our values, I still feel it's very, very important to adhere to those values, " Silver said. Several Chinese celebrities have said they would no longer attend the games.

Silver also said the league is apologetic over the disharmony caused by Morey's tweet but stopped well short of apologizing for the tweet itself.

Since Morey's tweet, The NBA, the Rockets, and even star James Harden have been attempting to subdue the situation as Chinese groups expressed their dismay. "We good now China?", Parker and Stone added.

Effects of the NBA's strained relationship with China are being felt in NBA arenas in a pair of games in the United States featuring the Guangzhou Loong Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association.

The question is, how long? The sentiment was not different from Morey's since-deleted tweet last week of an image that read, "Fight For Freedom".

"Houston Rockets insulted China".

"And it wasn't easy for him to say", Popovich said. "So I'm thrilled with what he said". "One man, one tweet".

Among those consequences: CCTV said it would not show the games between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, who will play Thursday in Shanghai and Saturday in Shenzhen. For now, those games are expected to be played. Chinese broadcasters said they would no longer air Houston Rockets games in the country, and since NBA basketball is popular there, the NBA put out a statement saying that they have "great respect for the culture and history of China", a statement many saw as cowardly. An NBA Cares event in Shanghai with the Nets was cancelled Tuesday, though the Nets participated in other events as scheduled. Wzun said it would "terminate all cooperation with the National Basketball Association". "It's nearly like a Chinese lockout".

The NBA has been criticized for shutting down employees who spoke out against China. This is not getting resolved right away.

The Chinese-owned brands that halted business this week include: smartphone maker Vivo, China's biggest travel website CTrip, dairy products company Mengniu, fast food chain Dicos, skincare brand Wzun, home appliance group Changhong Electric, sportswear giant Anta, China Mobile subsidiary Migu, food and beverage brand Master Kong, auto rental company eHi vehicle Services, home appliance manufacturer Meiling, and financial firm Xiaoying Technology. It depicts one of the main characters, Randy, on a business trip in China during which he lands in jail where he meets Disney characters including Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. "They can't survive if they have no ticketholders".

The apparent retaliatory move by China came in the aftermath of a controversy that erupted over a tweet by Morey last week supporting pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

The game's popularity in China has soared since.

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Now those carefully cultivated and highly lucrative ties have been thrown into jeopardy.

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