Published: Thu, October 10, 2019
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Mental Illness Awareness Week about starting conversation

Mental Illness Awareness Week about starting conversation

Sadag's Cassey Chambers said more resources are needed to respond to the crisis: "Mental health education should start early in school, we need to get our young people talking about it". The region's member states are taking important steps to address the issue.

"We want mental health to be openly discussed and supported and are committed to ensuring that residents have access to opportunities that really help promote good mental wellbeing".

Adequate health facilities at district level as well as proper awareness are indispensable to cater the needs of the patients suffering from mental disorders across the country, which are increasing in number with each passing day due to the social issues and negativity projected through different mode of communications.

Murphy said that while there's historical fear and stigma, she believes openness and awareness about mental health is growing daily.

Nearly a third (30%) of employers think mandatory reporting of workplace mental health statistics would help make organisations more accountable for staff wellbeing, a survey has found. The result is that lawyers all too often ignore their own well-being and carry a sense of ambivalence about the legal profession's problems with mental health and wellness.

The study's authors said this lack of willingness to speak about mental health issues leads to diminished productivity, sometimes causing employees to leave their positions.

In addition to the YMCA and the CCC, The Core has also partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Suicide Prevention Centre.

Sataravala adds, "If you ever feel that you need a listening service which is confidential, anonymous, non-judgemental, and non-advisory, you can contact the Connecting helpline". Quoting one example, a client said, "I have been through a lot and I even know I was wrong that is why I had to go through emotional abuse and depression; but please don't judge me". There are clients who have reported that they are suffering from depression from many years but whenever they tell anyone about it, they are told not to exaggerate and to be silent about it; otherwise, society will not accept them. The facts are stark: one in three of us will be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in our lives.

The British Safety Council, which has been delivering mental health awareness training since 2017, has developed new courses to increase understanding of factors which play a key role in employee health and wellbeing, including sleep, nutrition and exercise. "But breaking down the stigma and encouraging people to talk, in a helpful, caring and supportive way, can make a difference". We made a record $1.9 billion investment into mental health and addiction in Budget 2019 and have a range of actions underway to reduce New Zealand's high rate of suicide.

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