Published: Thu, October 10, 2019

The story of a "Breaking Bad" character continues in "El Camino"

The story of a

Regardless, this just means more Breaking Bad, which isn't a bad thing at all, and even people who don't want to see how the Jesse Pinkman story comes to close, those fans are sure to watch too.

To the extent series finales are generally created to close the books on shows, these zombie spinoffs - returning from the dead, as they are - can require considerable creativity. Ditto for "Downton Abbey", which didn't tie up every loose end but set up enough happily ever afters to leave a solid sense of satisfaction.

And while Gilligan now has no plans, for all he knows he'll be making more Breaking Bad in some form in the future.

"I'm not trying to be coy".

If you were one of the lucky patrons to devour a Max Burger atSaved by the Max, enjoy the 90210 life at The Peach Pitor gobble down some Good Chunks at Good Burger then you will certainly be ready to throw on your hazmat suit and enter the "Breaking BadExperience", a pop up bar and restaurant which will open its doors on October 16.

"But having said that, I feel like what I really probably should do next is do something completely different's an interesting golden handcuffs that success gives you".

Breaking Bad premiered on AMC in 2008, and ran for five seasons - winning 16 Primetime Emmy Awards (including two for best series) and earning a spot in the Guinness World Records as the most critically-acclaimed show of all time.

"You know what? Yeah". Folding his arm over his co-star, the Walter White on-screen character radiated down the focal point as he shook a white shirt and plain blue suit.

"Is Walter White dead?"

Gilligan is now promoting El Camino, a Netflix film which follows Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman as he continues to run from the law following the events of the series.

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