Published: Fri, October 11, 2019
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$14 billion pledged to fight AIDS, TB, malaria epidemics

$14 billion pledged to fight AIDS, TB, malaria epidemics

"We have contributed to the tune of 3Billion frs CFA to the Global Fund since we also benefit from this fund in the fight against these epidemics" President Paul Biya disclosed to the national and worldwide media as being part of his discussions with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube extolled the President Mnangagwa's commitment towards the Global Fund. Posting on his twitter handle Prof Ncube said: "His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa giving his speech at the Global Fund replenishment event in Lyon, France".

"Through this pledge, Rwanda remains committed to deepening impact, building accountability systems and collaborating with other African countries to increase domestic financing to end the three epidemics", the Ministry of Health wrote on its Twitter account.

President Macron chronicled the success stories of the Global Fund 17 years later since the Fund was setup. The US and France are the biggest donors.

Dr Tedros added: "The replenishment of the Global Fund is not just an investment in one organization or three diseases; it's an investment in our shared vision of a healthier, safer and fairer world".

The conference, which ended Thursday, aims to raise as much as possible to fund this fight for the next three years.

According to the Global Fund, the funds could help save 16 million lives between 2021 and 2023, reducing the mortality rate by 52 percent across the three diseases by 2023, relative to 2017 levels.

The donations from governments, philanthropic donors and the private sector will be used to finance health programmes in more than 100 countries.

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Global Fund Result Report 2019 shows that since 2002, health programs supported by the Global Fund partnership have saved 32 million lives as of the end of 2018.

Malaria also killed more than 435,000 people in 2017 and progress has stagnated since 2015.

The United States contributed $4.68 billion - which is the largest support.

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