Published: Fri, October 11, 2019
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Iran's women to see football match freely for the first time

Iran's women to see football match freely for the first time

But under pressure from Federation Internationale de Football Association, soccer's governing body, Iranian authorities are allowing a few thousand women to watch a game Thursday at Tehran's Azadi Stadium - in a section separate from men.

The change comes after an Iranian woman set herself on fire and died last month, as she faced charges arising from her trying to enter the stadium to watch a match.

The 3,500 women who have managed to get tickets to Iran's 2022 World Cup qualifier against Cambodia on Thursday, will be seated in a separate section to the men and will reportedly be watched by female police officers.

World soccer's governing physique Federation Internationale de Football Association ordered Iran closing month to allow girls come by admission to to stadiums with out restriction and in numbers fantastic by search data from for tickets.

Iranian sports journalist Raha Pourbakhsh shows purchased electronic tickets for the Iran-Cambodia World Cup 2022 match in front of Azadi stadium in the capital Tehran.

And as expected, the first batch of tickets were sold out in under an hour.

Women in Iran are being allowed to freely attend a live football match for the first time in around 40 years on 10 October.

The world football governing body, FIFA will "stand firm" in ensuring women have access to all football matches in Iran despite claims the world governing body could have prevented the death of an activist.

"I still can't believe it's happening because after all these years watching every match on TV, I'm going to be able to experience everything in person", she said.

Speaking to the French news agency, several Iranians told the outlet that they supported the government's decision, with some remarking that they hope the clearance will lead to further freedoms for Iranian women.

Sahar Khodayari had been caught disguising herself as a man to watch her blue kit-wearing favourite team Esteghlal in action. Amnesty International criticized Iran's authorities for allotting so few tickets to women in a stadium that can seat 78,000.

Ahead of Qatar 2022, Federation Internationale de Football Association has pressed Iran to allow women to attend qualifiers. Under the hash tag "Wake UpFIFA" some complained that only four of the stadium's 72 have been opened to women and the total number of women to be allowed into the venue was capped at 5,000.

More than 40 women have been arrested for attempting to enter football stadiums over the past two years, Amnesty said.

The reformist camp has welcomed the decision to allow women into Thursday's match, while conservatives have argued that football is not a priority for women.

"There are many girls still single and at home, afraid of the cost of marriage".

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