Published: Fri, October 11, 2019
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Lexington-Fayette County Health Dept. offering free flu shots on Thursday

Lexington-Fayette County Health Dept. offering free flu shots on Thursday

As flu season approaches, and many people decide whether or not to get a flu shot, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department wants to make sure everyone has the facts about the vaccine.

Whooping cough can also be deadly for babies, especially before they receive their first whooping cough vaccine at two months old. The source of such information is from the CDC Internet Panel Survey 2019, the website reads. Getting these vaccines during pregnancy is recommended; antibodies produced by the mother's body are passed to the unborn baby, helping protect it from both conditions.

If you're allergic to eggs, fear not, as you can get the flu vaccine too.

The risk of these infections are greatest among babies less than 6 months of age and these babies are also at a great risk of hospitalization due to influenza because of their immature immune system.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is hoping to have 90 per cent of the "flu shot" supply available by the end of the month. This year, Australia has reported six times as many flu cases as last year.

The CDC surveyed almost 2,100 women ages 18 to 49 who were pregnant any time between August 2018 and April 2019. They found that three in four women during their pregnancy were offered flu, whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria.

But women who get the shot are at a 40 percent lower risk of being hospitalized for the virus.

Jamieson said women were generally more likely to accept the Tdap vaccine, possibly because it is newer so there are fewer misconceptions about it. For both vaccines, the second most common reason women refused it was concern about whether it was safe for their babies, the report said. "Additionally, 25 percent of the women surveyed said that their healthcare provider never mentioned that they could or should get vaccinated", the report said.

If those numbers aren't enough to make you want to get a flu shot, then just talk to someone who had the flu past year and, chances are, they'll tell you they wish they would have gotten the shot.

Hallberg said people in Minnesota should get their flu shots soon. All children and adults should receive the recommended vaccines says the recommendation. The report said that if women receive the vaccination early in the third trimester of pregnancy, it gives their newborns optimal protection and will prevent almost 80% of whooping cough cases in babies under two months old.

Since 2010, up to 20 babies have died each year from whooping cough in the United States, according to the CDC.

Whooping cough is especially unsafe for babies below 2 months of age, says the CDC.

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