Published: Fri, October 11, 2019

Trailer Spotlight: Disney & Pixar's "Onward" With Chris Pratt

Trailer Spotlight: Disney & Pixar's

It's a world where unicorns exist, but they're the equivalent of raccoons rummaging through your trash. He was a wizard, and they have a spell to recreate him for a day.

There are some classic Pixar elements in the new trailer for the studio's next animated, feature, Onward.

Ian and Barley then travel the film's suburban fantasy world setting in search of way to bring the rest of their father back before the spell wears off in 24 hours.

In the Onward universe, the Manticore was once an epic warrior who served as a sort of way station for adventurers about to embark on a magnificent quest. "Part lion, part bat and part scorpion, the Manticore has adapted to changing times - but her adventurous spirt still lurks within". Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer also provide voices.

It looks like the movie's got a fun twist to it as well, so there's more than just the whole typical "teenagers finding themselves vibe".

Of course, we can also tell that it will totally make us ugly cry.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are legging it across a magical realm on a magical quest to find a missing half of their father - literally. Yeah, we can already feel the tears coming. And it's the most Pixar reason ever, one that we fully expect will pull our hearts out of our chests before squeezing every last emotion out of them.

"Onward" releases on March 6, 2020.

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