Published: Fri, October 11, 2019

We Are Celebrating World Mental Health Day

We Are Celebrating World Mental Health Day

Last year, drinks trade charity The Benevolent carried out a similar survey, and found that almost half (48%) of industry workers thought discussing their mental health problems would damage their careers.

According to the survey from Mind Share Partners, a nonprofit organization that tackles issues related to mental health in the workplace, one-fifth of respondents voluntarily left jobs, at least in part, for mental health reasons. Safe In Our World has also launched a website that will be a hub of resources for those who need advice and help on coping with mental health conditions like depression, stress, bullying, isolation, insomnia, anger, bullying and many more areas of information that will become an anchor to those seeking guidance in their hour of need.

Meanwhile Healthy Hospo, a not-for-profit community interest company, runs Wellness Workshops on mental and physical health. This project is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health, concluded the statement.

On World Mental Health Day, the provincial government has announced it's making a big push to improve the mental health of students across Ontario.

But the new CV Library survey shows that, across the industry, many workers still feel they can't speak up.

"Younger generations (Gen Z & millennials) were more likely to experience mental health symptoms for longer durations, but were also more open to diagnosis and treatment as well as talking about mental health at work", the report says.

According to the RSPH white paper, support is "inconsistent, and where it is available there is limited awareness amongst employees".

"This year the World Federation for Mental Health has made suicide prevention the main theme of this important day", David Clark said.

Called "bumpers", the onscreen slides are to be introduced before episodes of TV shows such as The Sopranos, Girls, Barry, and Euphoria, as part of an internal initiative to break down stigma around mental health - presumably both for live broadcasts on HBO's TV channel and its HBO Now online platform (via Variety). "The Licensed Trade Charity and Hospitality Action do fantastic work for anyone in our sector needing support".

This may point to a generational gap in how mental illness is viewed.

Biggins advises staffers to confront their employers if they are struggling, "as they may be able to help out more than you think".

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