Published: Sat, October 12, 2019
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Blizzard Is 'Assessing' How To Proceed Following Hong Kong Controversy

Blizzard Is 'Assessing' How To Proceed Following Hong Kong Controversy

In return, Blizzard deleted his interview, pulled Blitzschung's $10,000 prize money, and banned him from Grandmasters and Hearthstone for 12 months. Ng was stripped of his potential winnings and forbidden from competing for the next year.

It's a movement that's rapidly gathered steam, as numerous pieces of artwork and posters have started to appear, both on r/HongKong and r/Blizzard, that depict Mei in Hong Kong colours or wearing a gas mask similar to ones worn by the protesters.

US lawmakers from both sides of the aisle tweeted Tuesday that Activision Blizzard's decision to censor one of its players' political views speaks to a wider concern about China's market power being used as leverage to stifle free speech worldwide.

The ongoing controversy is causing many to wonder where the major USA gaming companies stand on letting their players speak up about politics.

"Its so hard to leave a game that has been part of my life, thousands of games, hundreds of hours on esports", one person commented.

Developer Mark Kern, who was a team lead for the Vanilla version of World of Warcraft, has posted a screenshot on Twitter of his subscription cancellation. The company launched its latest mobile version of the game last week, and it has already garnered 100 million downloads.

Barton acknowledged that he may face "consequences" for his statement, although as Hearthstone Top Decks pointed out, the fact that he made the statement on social media and not during a competition may insulate him from any major punishment. Text then pops up on the screen, reading, "Eliminated Blitzchung", "Eliminated self-respect", and "Eliminated credibility".

The Hearthstone Collegiate Championship will run until December 14. You can read IGN's full explainer on this Blizzard controversy here. It's been viewed more than 433,000 times, and has received more than 51,000 upvotes on Reddit.

The gaming world is a place where players can forget about all real-world issues like politics.

He's concerned that Blizzard might be bowing to pressure to protect their business interests. Even before the Hearthstone brouhaha, analysts had expected Blizzard's revenue to slump 28% this year to $1.7 billion. The orc sculpture is encircled by a compass featuring Blizzard's "eight core values".

Blizzard is figuring out its next moves following a massive outcry after the company banned a Hong Kong Hearthstone esports pro.

"Not everyone at Blizzard agrees with what happened", he wrote in the tweet. Earlier today news broke from anonymous sources that some employees at Blizzard staged a walkout based on the decision - following an act of defiance that saw company values "Think Globally" and "Every Voice Matters" being covered up at Blizzard's main campus.

CBC reached out to Blizzard Entertainment for comment but did not hear back.

"I'm disappointed", another staff member said.

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