Published: Sat, October 12, 2019

Jane Fonda arrested during climate change protest

Jane Fonda arrested during climate change protest

Actress and activist Jane Fonda was arrested at the Capitol Friday for protesting about climate change. On Friday the two-time Academy Award-winning actress succeeded when she was arrested along with other activists protesting on the steps of the Capitol building.

Amid the protest, Fonda was arrested, handcuffed and placed in a police van, video posted to social media shows.

Fire Drill Friday actions are planned for every Friday at 11 am through mid-January.

Fonda claimed to have been "inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement" spearheaded by young activists including Sweden's Greta Thunberg.

Fonda had announced her intentions ahead of the protest, telling the Washington Post she recently moved to she could be more active on the issue of climate change.

Eva Malecki, spokeswoman for the Capitol police, said: "Today, the United States Capitol Police arrested 16 individuals for unlawfully demonstrating on the East Front of the US Capitol".

But despite her lefty credentials, Fonda told Politico in 2018 that while she opposes President Trump's policies, she doesn't hate him as a person.

Ira Arlook, of the group Fire Drill Fridays, confirmed that Fonda was arrested at the inaugural demonstration Friday.

Initially, Fonda wanted to take a year off from Grace & Frankie in order to commit her time in her climate change activism, but Netflix's chief content director, Ted Sarandos, couldn't work it out contractually, she told the L.A. Times.

'It so traumatized her that she stopped eating.

Fonda continued, "Greta said we have to behave like it's a crisis. And that really hit me". And if she has to get on her knees and just say, "You're going to be a hero". It earned her the nickname that's stuck ever since, "Hanoi Jane".

At the time, a protester said, "She got Americans killed ... and she went to Vietnam to advance her husband's career".

"It's too late for moderation", she said.

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