Published: Sat, October 12, 2019

Noosa councillor now told to resign over controversial The Bachelorette appearance

Noosa councillor now told to resign over controversial The Bachelorette appearance

Viewers of Network 10's competitive dating show were stunned last night when Noosa Shire councillor Jess Glasgow, 37, made comments directed at the star, Angie Kent, 29, that she described as inappropriate.

During a playful photoshoot in which Ms Kent and the contestants dressed up for a barnyard scene, Cr Glasgow was dressed up as the rear half of a horse when he said to Ms Kent "Don't be surprised if you get some wandering fingers all right", before licking his lips.

"He does realise but doesn't think it's as dramatic as some of the reactions I'm receiving".

"In my opinion in the moment I didn't feel I was breaking any boundaries but it has come out the wrong way and I'm truly sorry for it".

'I'm pretty time poor so I made a decision to go on TV and went into the experience with an open heart, ' he said.

"I spoke to Cr Glasgow this morning and it was my strong recommendation that he should remove himself from the office of council".

"I don't believe one action, a bad mistake, a bad call on my behalf, you know, should jeopardise the rest of my political career".

He also sent a message to Angie on KIIS FM, saying: "Just tell her she was a lovely woman, I had a great experience, she deserves way better than me".

"My wife and I watched the second episode of The Bachelorette last night and we were both appalled and I'm sure many thousands of Australian's were that saw the show", Mr Wellington said.

Cr Glasgow apologised publicly for his behaviour but maintained it was all in the name of reality TV.

"This is one day of filming, this is entertainment, reality TV", he said.

Noosa mayor Tony Wellington says he is calling on Jess Glasgow to resign immediately as a councillor of Noosa over his behaviour.

Angie Kent and Jess Glasgow.

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington addressed media on Friday to condemn Cr Glasgow's behaviour hours after he recommended the "disgraced" councillor resign. "Obviously I named my profession just like other guys were fire fighters or ex-army soldiers, I'm a local councillor, so I didn't worry about that at all", he said.

"I believe I haven't breached conduct, I know why I went on the show and I didn't intend to bring any disrepute to the Council". "She's lovely and I've always had really great women in my life". "No, this isn't me", he said.

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