Published: Sat, October 12, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite rumored to launch in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite rumored to launch in Europe

News of the Galaxy S10 Lite offers us more in the way of details. That said, we can also have a 5G variant of the Galaxy S11 now that we already have one in the Note 10 series. As a result of it bearing the Galaxy Note 10 name, the device may get released any moment from now, certainly before the release of the Galaxy S11 next year.

Getting a new smartphone is exciting, but transferring all your data from your old device can be a complicated process. This would be a cheaper Note 10 aimed at more budget-friendly users, much like the Galaxy S10e. You can either get the S10 Lite or the Galaxy A91 depending on what part of the world you live in.

Samsung is believed to be working on a more affordable version of the Galaxy Note10 series, and according to a new report, the device might carry the Lite branding. That may be changing if these two rumors come to pass, bringing not just a cheaper Galaxy Note but even a cheaper Galaxy S phone.

As for the Galaxy S10 Lite, Igarwal expects the phone to launch in Asia and Europe, but much like with the Note 10 Lite, the launch timeframe is still a mystery. Of course, that never happened and not only was the Galaxy Note 10 indeed pricier, it even had a more expensive sibling as well.

The source also doesn't specifically say that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite won't be available in other shades, just that it will be available in black and red.

Xiaomi is also rumored to revive its Mi Note series of smartphones by the end of October 2019 so the affordable Note segment of smartphones is expected to have quite a competition this year.

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