Published: Tue, October 15, 2019

Man allegedly walked over 300 miles to have sex with teen

Man allegedly walked over 300 miles to have sex with teen

When she said yes, he later told her he had begun walking from Whitestown, Indiana, to where she was.

Tommy Lee Jenkins, 32, allegedly walked more than 560km intending to have sex with a teenage girl.

A 32-year-old faces federal charges alleging he walked hundreds of miles from central IN to Wisconsin to have sex with someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. He never admitted guilt, only pleaded no contest to lesser charges of child abuse by recklessly causing harm.

In that case, he was sentenced to four years probation and a stayed 360-day jail sentence.

The law enforcement officer was posing as a girl named "Kylee" who lived in Neenah, Wisconsin, with her mother, the attorney's office said.

Jenkins replied that he didn't, before later suggesting the "teen" should come visit him in Indiana.

"His messages to 'Kylee" included telling her he wanted them to have 500 kids together, including one within a year, according to the Oshkosh Northwestern.

The conversation quickly turned sexually explicit, with the 32-year-old requesting nude photographs, police wrote. Prosecutors said the 32-year-old asked "Kylee" if she'd ever had sex, and asked her to send specific, revealing photos.

The teen was actually an undercover cop.

"I will tell you when i get to neenah 108 hours by walking", he said in a message, the criminal complaint against him alleges.

He chose to walk, police say.

Along the way, authorities say, he updated "Kylee" on his progress, sending pictures of exit signs and local landmarks such as churches that he passed along the way, and selfies taken during his walk.

It wasn't clear if Jenkins had a lawyer.

The department claims when Kylee rebuffed him in his requests for the teen to come to in he began walking to Wisconsin, which is more than 560km away.

On October 10, he said he had made it to the state and that someone had bought him a bus ticket to get to the girl's town.

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