Published: Wed, October 16, 2019

Harry Dunn's parents to visit White House

Harry Dunn's parents to visit White House

Anne Sacoolas left the United Kingdom after the crash in Northamptonshire which killed the 19-year-old in August.

When asked what the family planned to do next, he said: "I think we're going to stick around for a couple of days just to see if things progress because it's just been like a snowball effect. You've said that.' And he said, again, he said, 'I absolutely would.' And he said that he would maybe now look at the possibility of looking at it from a different angle".

"He actually gripped my hand a little bit tighter and said "yes I would be".

Ms Sacoolas left Britain shortly after, though police released a statement saying she had previously told them she had no plans to depart.

Harry's mother, Charlotte Charles, said: "When he (President Trump) held my hand, I gripped it a lot tighter and I was honest with him and just said, as I said a while ago, "if it was your son you would be doing the same as us". Through her lawyers, Sacoolas has said she is "devastated" and is willing to meet Dunn's family.

"We've said all along that you know we are willing to meet her".

After meeting the President, Ms Charles told reporters outside the White House "We made it very clear, as we've said all along... we would still love to meet with her but it has to be on our terms and on United Kingdom soil".

"We are trying to work something out", said Trump, adding that the administration wanted to speak to the American woman, Anne Sacoolas, involved in the accident.

"I genuinely do think he will look to resolve this in a way that will help us".

Trump "was quite respondent", she said.

But he added that the meeting "didn't feel like a stunt - they didn't try and force it on to us".

Prime Minister Johnson has said Sacoolas should return to Britain, saying: "I do not think that it can be right to use the process of diplomatic immunity for this type of objective".

"She needs to set an example to her own children that you can't run away", said Charles. I don't suppose we would have expected anything else.

"We didn't embark on this without really putting some thought into it, he would have done the same for us".

Family spokesman Radd Seiger also said Mr Raab was "cold" and "rude" when he met them with government officials last week.

In a post on the Justice 4 Harry GoFundMe page, Ms Charles and Mr Dunn said of the meeting at the White House: "We are grateful for the invitation, which we hope represents a positive development in our fight for justice".

U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is reported to have said in a letter to the Dunn family that diplomatic immunity is "no longer relevant in Mrs. Sacoolas's case, because she has returned home". "If Britain and America are friends then we believe there should be no possibility of a citizen of one country hiding from justice in another while falsely claiming a privilege such as diplomatic immunity".

They were taken aback by the move and refused to speak with her and then detailed their experience in the British media.

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