Published: Wed, October 23, 2019

Video of Lebanese protesters singing ‘Baby Shark for toddler goes viral

Video of Lebanese protesters singing ‘Baby Shark for toddler goes viral

When driver Eliane Jabbour was surrounded by a rally in the capital last weekend, she asked protesters if they could stop shouting as her young son, Robin, was asleep in the front passenger seat.

"I told them, 'I have a baby, don't be too loud, '" she told CNN about the encounter Saturday night.

People in Lebanon have taken to streets to protest against the government's economic reforms, that included new taxes.

A video of a group of Lebanese protesters singing Baby Shark to a scared child inside a vehicle has gone viral on social media.

Robin, the toddler, was not afraid but interested in the sight, said his mother Elaine Jabbour.

"It was spontaneous. He likes this song".

Jabbour told CNN that her son knows the song, and he "hears it many times at home and laughs".

The hundreds of thousands of people on the streets form the largest protest movement in Lebanon since the so-called Cedar revolution, which saw a massive uprising against the Syrian occupation of the country and Damascus being blamed for the vehicle bomb assassination of Prime minister Rafik Hariri.

The massive protests in Lebanon have paralyzed the country, as hundreds of thousands flood public squares in cities.

The video went viral so quickly that "her husband saw the video before she could tell him about it", the report added. Residents are challenging a sectarian government where power is consolidated among political and business elites, often one and the same. The debt in the country has crippled the country's growth and has kept many citizens from exercising essential services.

This could allow billions of dollars in pledged worldwide donations despite Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri having refused to resign following the protests.

Instead of being ignored or admonished, Jabbour said dozens of protesters encircled her vehicle and spontaneously broke out in a song-and-dance rendition of the worldwide children's hit "Baby Shark".

"There's a revolution happening here in Lebanon", he said.

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