Published: Fri, November 08, 2019
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Aston Martin confirms DBX SUV will cost from £158000

Aston Martin confirms DBX SUV will cost from £158000

While we do get to see a lot of the interior for the first time, we don't have a lot of new information outside of some flowery PR prose.

There's been no real shortage of teases for the new Aston Martin DBX SUV as AML prepare to launch a auto they hope will do for them what the Porsche Cayenne did for Porsche, albeit on a smaller scale, and we've already had an unofficial undisguised photo of the DBX. This includes the height, positioning, and orientation of both front and rear seats along with measuring the proper adjustments for the steering column. Crucially, the seating position also delivers a clear view of the bonnet to give confidence when in tight proximity to other cars. In a "new exercise" for the automaker, Aston invited a group of children to test rear-seat ergonomics. Cabin storage, a necessity in an SUV, can also be hard to incorporate harmoniously, but in DBX, Aston Martin's designers have managed to create one of the interior's standout features - a bridged centre console - creating an elegant, floating aesthetic that offers storage space below for larger items such as a handbag or large 1.5-litre water bottles.

The level of detail involved in the cabin stretches to Aston taking on "external counsel, including the brand's Female Advisory Board and multiple customer clinics with HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) of mixed demographic, ensuring the cabin develops a feeling of instant familiarity". All this consultation and feedback has led to class-leading front and rear legroom, says Aston Martin, as well as a "fantastic feeling of airiness" thanks to the DBX's windows and full-length panoramic glass roof.

While the DBX sits on a bespoke Aston Martin chassis, its powertrain leans heavily on Mercedes-AMG expertise, borrowing the German company's 404kW 4.0-litre biturbo V8 and nine-speed automatic transmission.

The Aston Martin DBX will debut later this month. On one hand it looks set to be one of the fastest production SUVs on the market, but it will also showcase a user-friendly and luxurious cabin with great visibility.

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