Published: Fri, November 08, 2019

John Bercow: Brexit Britain's 'biggest mistake since the war'

John Bercow: Brexit Britain's 'biggest mistake since the war'

Bercow, who was a Conservative MP before taking the role as speaker 10 years ago, was criticised by some Conservative MPs regarding some of his decisions regarding Brexit.

He added: "I don't think it helps the UK".

JOHN BERCOW has described Brexit as "the biggest foreign policy mistake in history" in his first public appearance since stepping down as Commons speaker.

"I respect Prime Minister Johnson but Brexit doesn't help us. It's better to be part of the [EU] power bloc", Bercow said, according to the journalist Antonello Guerrera, of La Repubblica, who attended the event in London.

Giving away one of the worst kept "secrets" in parliament, Mr Bercow confirmed what most politicians believed to be his stance on the issue by saying the United Kingdom would be better off staying in the EU.

Bercow later told NHK it is a challenge for Parliament, for the government and for the country to reach a conclusion on Brexit, and there is no guarantee they will do so soon.

He added: "I think The Brexit is the biggest Brexit".

"Disgraceful this man was allowed to referee our Parliament for so long".

However, Bercow rejected the idea he had blocked Brexit, insisting "it was parliament" that had prevented Britain from leaving before now, "not me".

At the event, Bercow said: "I respect the prime minister and he has the right to do what he did also in the House of Commons".

The political crisis has forced parliament into backing a snap general election on December 12.

"Nothing has happened in the intervening two and a half years of course to make me change my mind, great many things happened reinforced me in the view that I took then", Bercow said.

The former deputy Speaker won the final round of voting with 325 votes against the 213 cast for fellow contender Chris Bryant.

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