Published: Sat, November 09, 2019
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Rockstar Launcher ruins Red Dead Redemption 2 launch on the PC

Rockstar Launcher ruins Red Dead Redemption 2 launch on the PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched just a day ago for the Epic Games Store and Rockstar Launcher, but not Steam - if the Steam version had launched, I'm sure it would've worked while the others choked in a puddle on the ground. GTA V didn't get off unscathed and the launcher stopped many players from using the heist simulator's offline mode. The support tweet indicates that users should restart the launcher to get the updates and try again. The launch has been a joke and Rockstar Games should be ashamed of it, and addressing gamers' concerns right now.

Following a series of "Red Dead Redemption 2" PC players' complaints, Rockstar patched the app on November 6 to address the issues with downloading, installing, and booting the game. But in an update on their HackerOne page, Rockstar announced that it would now also include Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, and the Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App. Now, the program is being extended to cover a wider range of vulnerabilities across software on more platforms, including Red Dead Online for PC. But the wild west continues to have some technical quirks.

But if unfortunately, the issue persists, you can submit a ticket to Rockstar Games Customer Support. Luckily, we have figured out how to fix the widespread Red Dead Redemption 2 launch error after some initial troubles. You can see the full details of that bounty on Rockstar's HackerOne page. For uncovering more serious threats, you could earn a reward of up to $1,000. But that's not all, "Red Dead Redemption 2" players also experienced an inexplicable stuttering issue that could make the game unplayable.

The video game publisher said it is also still "offering a $10,000 bounty for any researcher who can successfully identify a reproducible incorrect ban in Grand Theft Auto Online".

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