Published: Sun, November 10, 2019
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Another Fire Emblem Remake For 3DS Was Reportedly Cancelled

Because the moveable-only Swap Lite was very first declared, I've listened to from fairly a couple persons who wondered why everyone would invest in these kinds of a "constrained" version of the program that can not be docked to a Tv for huge-monitor participate in.

[] In the following video around 45:20, the two discussed Nintendo's statement about the strong sales of Switch Lite, and this may lead to more 3DS licenses to enter Nintendo's new handheld. He goes on to speculate the chance of the game coming to Switch. That's why another title on the Switch would be a welcome addition to the franchise.

This is in no way supported, though-so for now, if you want more Fire Emblem on Switch, consider investigating the superb New Game Plus perks in Three Houses.

There was a tweet by Takashi Mochizuki in which he said "A surprise, analysts say, is regional breakdown of Lite sales".

"When That happened, I heard that Nintendo cancelled a lot of additional 3DS plans", Khan states.

Nintendo claims it has found "individuals attain further comprehension of Nintendo Swap Lite when they really see and maintain it".

Nintendo notes in today's press release that the recently launched Switch Lite version should help bolster sales this holiday season, as will the release of the upcoming Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. Multiple releases from before 2019-including Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, New Tremendous Mario Bros.

The Switch Lite offered 1.95 million units In its first 11 days of release, showing that there is still a desire for handheld-dedicated consoles. Which is a quite expansive very long-tail results in a movie game industry that commonly sees the broad greater part of income arrive in a game's to start with month of availability.

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