Published: Sun, November 10, 2019

Australia battles bushfires, prepares for ‘catastrophic’ conditions

Australia battles bushfires, prepares for ‘catastrophic’ conditions

Speaking yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison since the wildfires are "simply terrifying".

Schools in identified high risk areas will be closed and the RFS advises those in the areas of catastrophic fire danger to avoid bushfire-prone areas. It was a narrow escape for Don Russell, with the fire coming within meters of his home in Taree.

Mr Fitzsimmons said along with the 1300 firefighters on the ground right now from across Australia and New Zealand, they were in contact with colleagues from Canada and the U.S. for possible help in light of Tuesday's predicted forecast.

"The reports were initially of 40-50 per cent of burns to her body". She was also unconscious, the crews were rendering CPR and first aid for several hours.

So far the bushfires have killed three people, injured 30, and left seven unaccounted for. - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said at RFS NSW headquarters.

"Our thoughts and prayers of course go to the families and loved ones of those two deceased persons", she said. His warning came before the third victim was confirmed.

"We'll continue to work that way, to make sure our investments give us the best science, the best technology we need and then also equip our firefighters with the best tools".

Authorities said some of the fires were creating their own weather conditions - pyrocumulus clouds that enveloped entire towns.

NSW firefighters are continuing to battle bushfires throughout the state ahead of worsening conditions, with the fire danger in some areas set at the highest level. He also said support payments are being made available for people directly affected by the fires.

A vast bushfire that's claimed almost 20 homes in central Queensland is now bearing down on more.

Bushfires are common in Australia and a vast corps of firefighters had already been tackling sporadic blazes for months in the lead-up to the southern hemisphere summer.

Thousands have had to leave their homes. The fires were visible from space by NASA's satellites.

The view down Crown St in Harrington, looking down towards Murray St, where there is a serious threat to property. The Rural Fire Service warns "lives will be at risk". "With changing weather conditions, they could flare up in the future", he said on Saturday morning. "These are extremely unsafe".

An inferno consumes a home near Taree on the NSW mid-north coast.

Towns, including Port Macquarie and Grafton, were bathed in an eerie red as the huge fires threatened homes.

More than 850,000 hectares of land in New South Wales have been razed since the start of this year's unprecedented bushfire season - the equivalent to more than 1 million rugby league pitches.

At the time, RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said it was an indication of the severity of the coming bushfire season.

"Catastrophic is the highest level of bush fire danger".

Winds are expected to pick up in the afternoon and no rain is forecast throughout the weekend.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison comforts 85-year-old evacuee Owen Whalan of Half Chain road in Koorainghat during a visit to Club Taree Evacuation Centre in Taree, New South Wales, Australia, November 10, 2019.

Terrifying.A resident surrounded by devastation in Rainbow Flat.

Sixteen structures, including homes and sheds, have been damaged or destroyed by the Cobraball fire but there has been no loss of life.

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