Published: Sun, November 10, 2019

The truth behind that Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign website

The truth behind that Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign website

"I have known Michael Bloomberg for a long time, early on he said a lot of great things about Trump, but I know Michael, he became just a nothing". If he were to launch a campaign, it could dramatically reshape the Democratic contest less than three months before primary voting begins. "We will be asking them to make clear they are completely unaffiliated", longtime Bloomberg confidante Howard Wolfson said in one of more than a half-dozen tweets correcting the record to big-name accounts sharing the fake website.

"He's a phenomenal entrepreneur and businessman", Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said.

Bloomberg's moves come as the Democratic race enters a crucial phase. Former attorney general Eric Holder and former MA governor Deval Patrick have quietly had conversations with supporters urging them to consider a run, but neither appears likely to get in the race.

The New York Times reported that Bloomberg was actively laying the groundwork, including filing the paperwork to participate in the Alabama Democratic primary. "And I believe I would defeat Donald Trump in a general election", he wrote. Still, I would have to build a multi-state organization on the go.

But advisers say he has not yet made his final decision.

He endorsed Hillary Clinton in that race and, in a speech at the Democratic Party convention, described Mr Trump as a con who has oversold his business successes.

Bloomberg instead plunged his efforts and his money into gun control advocacy and climate change initiatives.

"And there's a fear of that among Democratic donors who are more establishment - that they won't be able to be enthusiastic about that candidate".

On Thursday, the news broke that Bloomberg was again thinking about running for president. "There is nobody I'd rather run against than little Michael".

The conventional wisdom is that Bloomberg's entry amounts to a snub of Biden. Trump's advantages in the last election had everything to do with his ability to monopolize the attention of the entire country and very little to do with the fact that technically during the primaries he paid for his own travel out of pocket.

It is also understood that he does not see the two leading liberals in the race, Elizabeth Warren a senator in MA and Bernie Sanders a Vermont senator, as potential winners against Trump.

The former mayor of New York City is considering jumping into the race for the Democratic nomination after ruling out a run in March.

During his mayoral office, Bloomberg supported New York Police Department's use of the controversial stop-and-frisk policy that critics said targets African Americans and Hispanics. His team is also making plans to file in Arkansas, which has a Tuesday deadline. Vilsack has been consulted by several of the more than one dozen Democrats campaigning in his state, which holds the leadoff caucuses in fewer than 90 days. Wins there would give Biden momentum heading into the 14 Super Tuesday primaries, the memo states.

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