Published: Sun, November 10, 2019
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Warriors refute report that Steph Curry unlikely to play again this season

Warriors refute report that Steph Curry unlikely to play again this season

In an article that he published on the disappearance of the Warriors on Thursday, Ric Bucher of the Bleacher Report, told a source that the fracture of Curry's left hand was "worse than one would originally thought "and that she would probably keep the MVP from the National Basketball Association twice absent the rest of the year".

Golden State plays Friday night at Minnesota.

Curry underwent surgery on his left hand broken last Friday.

The Warriors responded by calling Bucher's story "complete hogwash" and stood by their original plan of re-evaluating their star in February.

"A team source says the fracture was worse than originally thought, and it's unlikely that he plays again this season", Bucher wrote.

While Bucher's report could be proven untrue depending on how Curry goes about rehab, this is certainly cause for concern if you're a Warriors fan.

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry will miss the rest of the National Basketball Association season. At that time, the team announced that they would update their status in three months, which could have put Curry back on the court around the All-Star Game.

The Warriors are 2-6, and things could get really ugly for them with both Curry and Klay Thompson out and Kevin Durant having departed in free agency. That does not, however, mean he will not be healthy enough after three months.

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