Published: Mon, November 11, 2019

Graham: Impeachment inquiry is 'invalid' without whistleblower's testimony

Graham: Impeachment inquiry is 'invalid' without whistleblower's testimony

"It's impossible to bring this case forward, in my view, fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross-examine them about any biases they may have", he said. Will Hurd, R-Texas, said the impeachment inquiry "has been a partisan exercise from the very beginning".

Earlier this week, SC senator Lindsey Graham seemed at a loss on how to proceed in defending President Donald Trump on the Ukrainian scam. "The president broke the law", said Rep. Jackie Speier of California. "We should be protecting the identity of the whistleblower", he told "Fox News Sunday".

Democrats, who hold the House majority, are expected to overrule the request.

Graham, an ardent Trump defender, also seemed to say that the president and his cronies are too incompetent even to attempt the extortion plan, saying that the administration's Ukraine policy was "incoherent", adding, "They seem to be incapable of forming a quid pro quo".

Some Republicans, meanwhile, focused on the process of the impeachment inquiry rather than on the substance of the allegations against Trump.

"I consider any impeachment in the House that doesn't allow us to know who the whistleblower is to be invalid because without the whistleblower complaint we wouldn't be talking about any of this", Sen. "Evidence of an extortion scheme, using taxpayer dollars to ask a foreign government to investigate the president's opponent", Swalwell told Brennan on Face the Nation Sunday.

"I remain sympathetic with President Trump's legitimate concerns about the corruption", Sen. Ukrainian officials say Hunter Biden is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

"This inquiry is not, and will not a vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the Bidens or 2016 that the President pressed Ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit, or to facilitate the President's effort to threaten, intimidate, and retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously raised the initial alarm", the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee responded in a statement. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of NY said he couldn't speak for Schiff but that figures like Hunter Biden and the whistleblower would not fall into that category.

Another Democratic member of the committee, Jim Himes, said Sunday that when people hear from respected officials with first-hand knowledge of the pressure campaign against Ukraine "the president's defense. which is all these people had second-hand knowledge, that's going to crumble".

"We expect that you will call each of the witnesses listed above to ensure that the Democrats" "impeachment inquiry' treats the President with fairness, as promised by Speaker Pelosi", Nunes warned, clearly aware the request was likely to be denied.

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