Published: Mon, November 11, 2019
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Roku launches Apple Watch app with remote, channels, and voice control

Roku launches Apple Watch app with remote, channels, and voice control

In other words, there are iPhone users that also own Apple Watch, but use non-Apple devices in their lives too. Use the Roku app for Apple Check out to sign your Roku remote and it will enjoy an audible chime so you can find it in the couch cushions. Starting today, you no longer even have to pull out your smartphone. Additionally, the circular crown on Apple Watch controls the volume.

Getting the Roku app isn't hard. It pretty much works like the mobile app but created for the Apple Watch. "To access the new functionality, simply update the Roku mobile app to version 6.1.3 via your iPhone, and the app will appear on Apple Watch", says Erin Moore, Roku.

You can now control your Roku from your Apple Watch!

The patent focusses on embedding antenna in the watch band (which is likely to kill the 3rd party watch band market), but also notes that the display of the watch may include" "one or more input devices such as a touch sensing device, force sensing device, temperature sensing device, and/or a fingerprint sensor. Channels are mentioned in purchase of most recently launched for your ease. Now you can control nearly any Roku device from your wrist.

Remote finder - Lost your remote again?

Furthermore, Apple would also be considering moving the antennas for data connectivity and for the Global Positioning System on the strap of its Watch, a useful way to make the device thinner or to use the space saved for other components or for a larger battery.

"Strong active account growth and accelerating streaming hours point to consumers' growing enthusiasm for streaming, making Roku America's largest and fastest-growing TV streaming distribution platform", Roku CEO Anthony Wood said in a prepared statement.

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