Published: Tue, November 12, 2019

Evo Morales leaves Bolivia to take asylum in Mexico

Evo Morales leaves Bolivia to take asylum in Mexico

Furthermore, the Mexican government noted that for humanitarian reasons and by virtue of the emergency situation that Morales faces in Bolivia, where his life and integrity are at risk, he is being granted political asylum in Mexico.

"We are going to call elections", Anez told reporters in La Paz, the seat of government, saying that there will be "an electoral process that reflects the will of all Bolivians", a day after the shock resignation of Morales and his ministers that left the country in a power vacuum.

Mr Ebrard said his government viewed Sunday's events in Bolivia as a "coup" because the military broke with the constitutional order by pressing Mr Morales to resign.

Mr Morales' government collapsed on Sunday (local time) after ruling party allies quit and the army urged him to step down in the wake of a disputed election, adding to a sense of crisis in Latin America, which has been hit by weeks of protests and unrest.

The streets of La Paz immediately exploded in celebration, with jubilant Bolivians waving the country's flag, but violence and vandalism later erupted overnight and in the neighboring city of El Alto.

A woman walks past posters depicting Bolivian ex-President Evo Morales as a clown and a fraud in La Paz on Monday.

The deputy head of the Senate said she would take over as interim president until new elections were held.

Looting and roadblocks convulsed Bolivia after Mr Morales stepped down.

Trump also said the events in Bolivia send a strong signal to Venezuela and Nicaragua "that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail".

Several of Morales' ministers and top officials resigned after his announcement - including many who sought refuge at the Mexican embassy - raising the question of who was in charge, given that vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera also resigned.

Further afield, Russian Federation backed Morales, while US President Donald Trump said Morales' resignation was a "significant moment for democracy" and sent a signal to "illegitimate regimes" in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Anxious about a possible escalation in the violence, the armed forces agreed to work alongside police.

"We are now one step closer to a completely democratic, prosperous and free Western Hemisphere".

Leftist leaders of other Latin American countries have lined up behind Morales, offering him their support and calling it a coup.

Morales earlier in the day had already accepted calls for a new election by an Organization of American States team that found a "heap of observed irregularities" in the October 20 election whose official result showed Morales getting just enough votes to avoid a runoff against a united opposition. She was later taken by the military to the legislative assembly.

Mexico, along with Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina's president-elect, Alberto Fernandez, has called the military intervention a "coup".

The first member of Bolivia's indigenous population to become president, Morales brought unusual stability and economic progress, helping to cut poverty and inequality in the impoverished nation. He said he made the decision to prevent Camacho and Carlos Mesa, a former president of Bolivia, from issuing further instructions to their supporters to attack Bolivians.

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