Published: Mon, December 02, 2019
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Black Friday protesters picket Amazon as Greenpeace demonstrate in Madrid

Black Friday protesters picket Amazon as Greenpeace demonstrate in Madrid

Dozens of French activists blocked the Amazon warehouse in Bretigny-sur Orge on Thursday, spreading hay and outdated fridges and microwaves on the driveway.

Client rights teams in Britain and another nations say retailers use Black Friday as a slogan to lure in buyers, however it's not at all times clear how actual or huge the reductions are.

Others urged people to halt purchases altogether to protest the US-inspired event, such as the "Buy Nowt Friday" in Bradford, northern England, organised by artists and anti-poverty advocates.

More demonstrations took place on Friday, with environmental groups threatening to turn 29 November into a "Black Day for Amazon".

In Britain, where the big winter sales have traditionally been held on the day after Christmas, companies have adopted Black Friday marketing campaigns since about 2010.

While shoppers in the USA line up to take advantage of Black Friday discounts, activists in France have staged sit-ins outside Inc.'s French headquarters and logistics center to denounce the occasion imported from America.

That echoes related warnings in different nations.

In Madrid, where stores across the city are offering Black Friday deals, Greenpeace held a rally just days ahead of the opening of the COP25 conference on fighting climate change. Some French officials need to boycott Black Friday, which has transformed into a worldwide marvel despite the fact that it originates from an explicitly USA occasion: Thanksgiving Thursday.

Broadcasters in South Africa showed people waiting in line to shop in one of the world's most socially and economically unequal nations. The revered weekly Mail & Guardian newspaper decried in a scathing editorial how Black Friday is used to complement huge retailers.

Among other concerns is that Black Friday could hurt small businesses that do not have the vast marketing budgets and online sales presence of big retail chains or multinationals.

An amendment was passed Monday that proposes prohibiting the huge sales day the was put forward by France's former environment minister Delphine Batho.

Sylvain Truc, a member of Youth for Climate protesting in Marseille, southern France, called Black Friday "the symbol of what we're trying to fight".

Valette said Amazon has announced a Climate Pledge, aiming to meet a target of being net zero carbon 10 years early in 2040.

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